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Testing requirements for graduation in Ohio

have changed for the class of 2020

Students must meet the requirements of one of three testing options (below) to earn their diploma:
  1. A sum total of 18 points earned from seven End of Course exams throughout high school: English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, U.S. History, American Government. A student can score a 1 (lowest), 2, 3 (proficient), 4 or 5 (advanced). 4 of the 18 points must come from combined math test scores, 4 points must come from combined English test scores and 6 points must come from combined science and social studies test scores.  
  2. Non-remedial scores on the ACT:  English -18, Reading -22,  Math -22
  3. A state industry-recognized vocational credential and a readiness score on the WorkKeys employability test.
Also, for students who are unable to meet the above three testing options, two Alternative Pathways to an Ohio Diploma have been approved for the Class of 2020:


Students must take and pass courses that constitute the curriculum requirements and take all seven end-of-course exams. If the student receives a score of “1” or “2” on any math or English language arts test, the student must retake the test at least once.

Additionally, students must meet at least two of the below requirements:

  • Earn a GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in all courses completed during the 11th and 12th grades;
  • Complete a capstone project during 12th grade that meets criteria defined by Ohio Department of Education 
  • During 12th grade, complete a work or community service experience totaling 120 hours, as defined by the Ohio Department of Education;
  • Earn three or more College Credit Plus credits at any time during high school;
  • Earn credit for an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course and earn an AP exam score of 3 or higher or IB exam score of 4 or higher at any time during high school;
  • Earn a WorkKeys exam score of 3 on each of three test sections;
  • Earn a State Board-approved industry-recognized credential or credentials that equal at least three points;
  • Meet requirements for an Ohio Means Jobs Career Readiness Seal.



Students must take and pass courses that constitute the curriculum requirements and take all seven end-of-course exams.

Students must finish a career-technical program that includes at least four courses in a single career pathway and complete at least one of the options below:

  • Earn a total score of Proficient or better based on all career-technical exams or test modules;
  • Earn an industry-recognized credential or credentials that equal 12 points;
  • Complete a workplace experience totaling 250 hours with evidence of positive evaluations.

NATIONAL ACT (College Entrance Exam)

  • Online registration and daily ACT preparation help ("ACT Question of the Day") is at
  • For fee waiver information, contact 11-12th grade counselor Bonnie Donofrio:
  • For enrollment in NCH semester course in ACT Prep, contact 11-12th grade counselor Bonnie Donofrio:
  • North College Hill is a national testing site in October of each year.
  • North College Hill High School Code: 361-055
(students must individually register and pay or enter waiver)
       Test Date:   September 14, 2019 - registration deadline is August 16, 2019
Test Date: *October 26, 2019 - registration deadline is September 27, 2019 
Test Date:   December 14, 2019  - registration deadline is November 8, 2019
Test Date:   February 8, 2020 - registration deadline is January 10, 2020
Test Date:   April 4, 2020 - registration deadline is February 29, 2020
Test Date:   June 13, 2020  - registration deadline is May 8, 2020
Test Date:   July 18, 2020 - registration deadline is June 19, 2020

*NCH is a national testing center only on this Saturday date.
All Juniors in the state of Ohio will take the online ACT on a day in the spring.
  • The state pays the ACT Company testing fee  for all students.
  • NCH High School will take care of the registration process.
  • Oaks students will test with their NCH classmates at the NCH High School on the state-designated testing date.
  • A letter with explanatory details will be sent to all parents of Juniors as the date draws near.
ACT information, registration and plenty of free test prep (online interactive practice tests, mobile download, sample questions, full length tests, Question of the  Day, etc.) are on the ACT website:  
END OF COURSE STATE TESTS information and free test prep is on the Ohio Department of Education website:
WORKKEYS test information and free test prep is on both the Ohio Means Job website: